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Underbench units are permanently tapped in under the sink, most often with a separate dedicated faucet.

Underbench set-ups are a fantastic option for customers who want to integrate their filtration system into their kitchen set-up.

Basic Units

For U.V. and R.O.Units, please see below.


High quality filter with combination Coconut Carbon / KDF filtering media (5 micron)


Complete DIY kit including fittings, cartridge (10 micron carbon) and faucet


This unit features an easy-to-use quick-change cartridge (1 micron) for Giardia/cryptosporidium protection with digital flow meter to take the guesswork out of cartridge servicing intervals


Complete DIY kit including fittings, cartridge (1 micron carbon / KDF) and faucet

Various Complete Underbench Kits (PDF)

A variety of other complete, boxed DIY kits including fittings, cartridge and faucet

Quick-Change Filter System (PDF)

This underbench system is designed for easy installation and cartridge changeout.

Nitrate Removal System (PDF)

Easy-to-install, this three component system consists of a Nitrate removal cartridge followed by a 0.5 micron carbon block cartridge. Water then flows up through a dedicated tap on the benchtop.

Ultraviolet (U.V.) Units


Aquapro's two stage filtration system includes a 5 micron sediment filter followed by a carbon block cartridge. The Ultraviolet unit itself is heavy duty stainless steel.

Aquapro UV (Small Capacity) (PDF)

Aquapro's small capacity UV is ideal for single tap use for flows of up to 30 LPM.

Pura UV1 (PDF)

The UV1 series is a great example of PURA's all-in-one concept. This product combines Ultra Violet disinfection and Carbon Filtration, all in a very attractive and compact system.

This easy-to-install system can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with other water treatment products.

Surge Protector (PDF)

The DSE Surge Protector is recommended with all UV systems to prevent lamp outage and ballast failure due to power surges.

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Units

Aquapro 5-Stage Quick Change RO System (PDF)

5 stage reverse osmosis system including all parts for DIY installation

Housings Available

Housings Slimline (PDF)
Housings 3G (PDF)
Housing Kits (PDF)


Carbon Briquette Cartridges (EP10 Series) (PDF)
Inline Cartridges (PDF)
5" Sediment Removal Cartridges (PDF)
Aluminium Removal Cartridges (PDF)
Fluoride Removal Cartridges (PDF)
Water Softening Cartridges (WS Series) (PDF)


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